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Friday, February 28, 2014

Legend of Korra: Book 2: Spirits (2013)

"Many things that seem threatening in the dark become welcoming when we shine a light on them."
Season 2 of Korra kicks off 6 months after the events of season one. Korra has learned the elements and gained access to her spiritual side unlocking the Avatar State, but is still working on mastering them all. When dark spirits begin encroaching into the material world and causing havoc, she will once again have to do her avatar duty and regain balance. However this will be challenging as spiritual things are still not her strong point and she has little experience balancing non-human crises. The season maintains the same break-neck speed as the first season, but is much better paced and introduces some fine new characters, villain and ally alike. The season delves deep into the Avatar mythos which produces one of the finest episodes  and goes along with the new themes of tradition vs. change and light vs. dark. The action is smooth and satisfying with the same great bending martial arts we all have come to expect as well as the interwoven character relationships and family friendly comic relief.

The main criticism is the new animation studio that handled the CG was sub-par this season with lower quality effects that are glaringly obvious. Also there is a slight problem that crops up when a lot of what they show of the avatar history and a lot of character backstory was much more interesting than whatever Korra was actually doing, particularly around the middle of the season.
It picks up splendidly at the end with a quite rousing finale. The creators seem to have a knack for finales. Shame that the pro-bending was mostly absent this season, but understandable since it has nothing to do with the plot. Loved a lot of the throwbacks to the original series as well. Overall, much improved over the first season despite some minor pitfalls.

Episodes to See:
The Beginning: A 2-part episode that serves up some fantastic world-building with a unique artstyle.

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