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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Shinkenger VS Kamen Rider Decade:
Kenzan Samurai Sentai & Gedou Rider, Mairu! (2009)

In a crossover, ground-floor exposition has to be present even if the events therein take place significantly far into one, both, or all of the participants' timelines. Characterization should still be present and consistent with each individual as they currently exist, however, and Kobayashi does a magnificent job of this, here, via actions, when there is not time for explicit dialogue. This is in contrast to the Gavan episodes in Go-Busters, where Kuroki's actions are entirely too convenient, and consequently, out of character.

Tsukasa (Decade) is an ass. But, Kobayashi manages to make it seem like he actually has something going on below the surface. I feel that she deliberately put the emphasis on Natsumi and Eijiro, as opposed to some of the Shinkengers, because that was where she perceived the deficit to be. I wholeheartedly agree and wonder what Decade would have been like if she had been able to write all of it, as opposed to simply four episodes. Accordingly, Den-O suits appear in the first part of this endeavor. She was clearly proud of her past work, as well she should be. Those other two episodes? They were the ones set in the world of Den-O, so Toei at least showed a modicum of good judgement in regards to Decade.

Verily, Decade has to exist in my world, even if I am opposed to how Toei's anniversary efforts tend to disregard the canons of their original works. Without Decade, I would not have:
If you're watching Decade, you have to watch these, as they are episodes of Decade. If you're watching Shinkenger, DO NOT skip these. The order of viewing is:

Act 20 --> Decade 24 --> Act 21 --> Decade 25

4 Only Because Onodera is Not REMOTELY Odagiri Joe out of 5

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